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How can you capture more attention with your video ads?

Top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads of 2020 #MVVA

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True Reach™ Insights

AcuityAds offers the only solution that can optimize for your brand’s Share of Attention™ through advertising services that maximize both views and time spent.

Every month, we publish the top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads surrounding a special event or time of the year. Check out the latest stories below, and connect with us to join the list!


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Top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads of 2020 #MVVA

live audiences consumption
live audiences consumption

In-Player Attention Scoring

Acuity charts consumer’s video content consumption back to our Acuity ID’s and corresponding device ID’s. This allows us to rank each North American consumer’s likelihood to engage with video messaging in any category.

Attention Advertising Video Player

Custom Video Player

The SkipStream™ video player is customizable and puts control in the viewers’ hands. Advertisers pay only when a consumer completes their video or engages for at least 30 seconds, whichever comes first. Users have the option to skip the video after a 5 second preview if they’re not interested. We believe in user-initiated media.

Attention Advertising Video Player
Attention Advertising Understanding

Understanding Attention Creates Efficiency

Together, the True Reach™ Insights Platform and Custom Video Experiences like our proprietary Skipstream™ format enhance a brands overall Share of Attention™ within its competitive set. The analytics-led video advertising solution incorporates this information with your proposed budget to help you determine where you’re at today and how far your ad dollars take you.

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