How brands can find their path to true advertising automation

Traditional programmatic advertising decouples the ad buying function from the journey planning process, using a black box of media trading interfaces. While they extract substantial efficiency and speed, they offer little ability for journey-level control and insights. Marketers need comprehensive automation of and control over the omnichannel consumer journey.

75%* of marketers acknowledge that advertising to consumers before they make the first purchase with the brand is far more difficult than those who have done at least one transaction.

Gaining control over the consumer journey is topmost on marketer’s agendas.**

What is Advertising Automation?

The new report by Digiday and AcuityAds defines true Advertising Automation as the use of algorithms and intuitive user interfaces to determine the channel, sequence, and message that should be delivered to generate the most efficient consumer journey.

Introducing illumin, goodbye black box, hello everything.

illumin is a first of its kind, advertising automation technology, which provides comprehensive automation of and control over the omnichannel consumer journey.

illumin offers the benefits of programmatically traded transactions with seamless integration to the upstream, omnichannel, journey planning process and downstream activation, reporting and optimization processes.

What key capabilities can a marketer expect?

  • Journey planning and activation
  • Journey tracking with user consent
  • Journey control with return on incremental investments by journey stage
  • Intuitive UX for Marketing Professionals

Would you like to learn more about Advertising Automation? Schedule a demo of illumin:

*n=130, IAB Brand Disruption Summit, November 2020
**Digiday research on “In-Housing Trends” with over 200 global CMOs